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Turmeric contains three major curcuminoids which are powerful antioxidants...



Maintains healthy blood sugar, Reduces inflammation (redness, swelling, and pain) in...



Green tea is a potent antioxidant with anti-oxidative activity greater than vitamins C and E....



Used in controlling blood glucose levels, hyper cholesterolaemia and obesity. Fenugree...


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WONDER FIG SYRUP is a fruity syrup of the combination of the dried fig fruit extract and...



Gauvarin® complex extract has a high content vitamin C and P (Flavonoids). These Vitamin C...


Moringa Mintea®

Moringa Mintea is a classic blend of herbs and tea. It is enriched with essential Amino acids,...


Koflence Granules

Cough is a symptom that has been experienced by every human and is an essential protective...


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Quality Control

The quality of each final product is guaranteed by the use of raw materials of a standard quality, a defined process of production and validated equipment.

Quality control of herbal drugs and herbal isolates (tinctures, extracts, and essential oils) is done according to the requirements of Pharmacopoeia and other relevant regulations. The formulation of a new phytopreparation is a process that has strictly defined phases: from analysis of literature and market, through defining recipes, validation of the production process, quality control of a final product to the preparation of technological and registration documents. We use the finest quality raw material to ensure we meet or exceed the guidelines of all the Pharmacopoeia of countries that source from us.

Raw Material

We use hand-picked whole herbs, dried leaves and ingredients such as green coffee beans as primary raw material for our extracts. These ingredients are ideal for general health and well-being and standardized herbal extracts offer more potent and condensed active herbal ingredients that can be extremely beneficial to health and well being when used appropriately.

Green coffee beans, a stimulant linked to weight loss boasts an abundant supply of chlorogenic acids compounds with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that may provide many health benefits


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Phytotech's quality is truly excellent and consistent. Our company has been importing their extracts since 2004. We are always pleased with their professionalism, timeliness and attitude and we are delighted to recommend this fine partner to the world!
Nina Walker,
Our business has been importing from Phytotech since 2007. We have been in business for long and believe that Phytotech applies the highest quality standards on their extracts. therefore ensuring our formulations that use these extracts are best in class. It is indeed a pleasure to deal with Phytotech.!
Hugo Wendall,
South Africa
The Guavarin and Garcenia extracts that we import from Phytotech are excellent quality and very fairly priced too. That formula allows us to buy large quantities and resell to formulators across the region. They are very quick to respond and always on time too. Very professional. Good going Phytotech. All the best.
Avram Biton,

Phytotech rebrands to better align our customer and growth strategy

Phytotech is evolving, and I am delighted to unveil our new global brand that showcases our award-winning extracts & nutraceuticals, deep scientific rigor, and our expanded digital presence! Our growth plans also feature a super-energized, larger-than-life international team led by subject-matter experts in key business arenas.

We promise to continue to bring you the highest quality extracts and formulations driven by the same ethos and value systems that earned us the name and loyalty we are blessed with. Also, want you to know that at the helm, our dynamic and motivated management and operations teams are continuously learning and evolving to ensure the good work goes on and that our customers stay delighted.

A special thanks to all our long-standing clients who over the last 22 years have given us their trust and their business!

Team Phytotech

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