Purely herbal mouth rinse- Alcohol free
For oral hygiene and freshness

Product description

Hygea destroys oral germs, heals mouth ulcers, prevents dental caries and removes bad breath. Ensures total oral hygiene. Hygea contains 100 % natural ingredients, and do not have any chemicals. Hygea is available in 100 ml & 250ml.

Ingredients & active constituents

Betel leaf extract

Betel leaf helps prevent and remove bad breath, protect against germs, bacteria & other oral pathogens in mouth, it can also help cleanse the mouth, prevent tooth decay, strengthen & reinforce the teeth apart from preventing oral bleeding.

Acacia catechu extract

Acacia catechu holds the gum tightly. It also cures sore throat & oral ulcers caused by pathogenic protozoans.

Guava leaf (GUAVARIN®)

It relieves tooth ache, heal gum & treat mouth sore due to its Anti- inflammatory and Anti- bacterial activity. Guava leaf effectively prevent plaques problem & positively maintains oral health.

Liquorice extract

Liquorice treat tooth decay and Gingivitis, also it cures sore throat & oral infections.

Uses & indication


Preferred usage

Rinse the mouth with 30ml of Hygea for 30-60 seconds. Not to be swallowed

Please note

Keep away from reach of children. Not recommended for children under 10 years

Does it contain any alcohol?

No, Hygea is a purely herbal mouth rinse prepared with 100% natural ingredients. It is totally free from alcohol, and no chemicals.

Why betel leaf is added in Hygea?

The betel leaf helps to refresh breath, protects against germs, bacteria and other oral pathogens in the mouth. It cleanses the mouth. It prevents tooth decay. It helps to strengthen the gums and reinforces the teeth. It prevents oral bleeding.

Does Hygea contain any flavor?

No, It doesn't contain any artificial flavor; it has a pleasant natural flavor of betel leaves and is palatable.

What are the benefits of Hygea than other mouth washes?

It is excellent mouth rinse free from alcohol unlike other brands of mouth wash therefore it avoids dry mouth.

Hygea destroys oral germs, heals mouth ulcers, prevents dental caries and removes bad breath. It is beyond a normal brush.

Regular use of Hygea can prevent present & future oral problems.

Why Hygea?

It is prepared with all natural ingredients hence ensures total oral hygiene like.

Fresh breath
Healthy gums
Strong teeth
Reduces dental plaques & decay
Fight against oral infections & germs
Prevents toothaches


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