Moringa Oleifera Extract

It is standardized extract powder

Standardized for

  • Total protein content upto 40%
  • Moringin & Moringinine upto 1.5%
  • Saponins upto 40%
  • Glycosides upto 7%
  • Isotrifolin upto 0.75%


  • Helps to increase efficiency of Heart by affecting the availability of intracellular Ca+2 for myocardial contraction or increasing the sensitivity of myocardial contractile proteins


  • Helps to inhibit 6-beta-hydroxylation of testosterone and produces androgenic effect by enhancing sexual drive through increased serum and testicular testosterone levels
  • Helps to increase blood flow to the male reproductive organs and stimulating the nervous system to enhance sexual desires (libido). 


  • Helps to reduce the inflammation caused by Helicobacter pylori by increasing capillary resistance to these bacteria and increasing exposure to antioxidants that can eliminate free radicals in the system
  • Provides gastric cytoprotective effect in alcohol-induced and NSAID induced gastric ulcers.
  • Healing effect in acid–induced chronic gastric ulcers.


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